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Arrival and departure

What to check upon arrival and how to do an approved departure cleaning

The first thing to do upon arrival is to check the condition of the room/apartment. If you find something that is not ok, report it immediately by email to The comment “It was like this when I moved in” will not be accepted at your departure. 
Read the “Departure cleaning” instructions and follow them carefully.
A good thing to start with is to buy detergents and micro cloths. 

Needed detergents

  • “Allrent” (general detergent)
  • “Fönsterputs” (window/glass detergent)
  • “WC-rent” (for the toilet)

Departure cleaning

Important! Rinse the cloth in between when needed. Don’t use the same cloth in the bathroom/toilet as in the rest of the apartment/room!

  • Spray “fönsterputs” on the window and wipe it dry with a dry cloth, do the same thing on all sides and also on all mirrors. The window/mirror should be clear and without marks after cleaning.
  • Take a bucket of water and add some “Allrent” and wet a cloth that you wring before use
  • Wipe all furniture of wood or metal, all lamps, the window board with the wringed cloth.
  • Wipe ALL door handles and around the handle which gets dirty from your hands.
  • Wipe the cabin doors and handles both in the room and in the kitchen.
  • Wipe the skirt boards around the room in all rooms.
  • Clean all lamp switches.
  • To clean the toilet you need a WC-detergent to poor into the toilet and use the toilet brush to clean the inside and down in the S-bend.
  • Clean the seat and ring of the toilet both on up- and downside and the whole outside of the toilet chair.
  • Clean the sink with a wet cloth, inside and outside including the drain pipe and the tap. Wipe it dry afterwards.
  • Wipe the fan in the bathroom.
  • Vacuum the furniture’s with fabric
  • Vacuum the floor, as well as under and behind the furniture and the carpet.
  • Wash all floors with a wet and wringed mop.
  • Clean the glass hob (cooking plates) with help of a click scrape.
  • Clean the oven and the baking sheets.
  • Clean the filter in the kitchen fan, it’s possible to take it down and rinse it in hot water.
  • Wash all dishes, even those you haven’t used, dry them and put them in sorted order in the cabin.
  • Make sure you clean the pots and pans both inside and outside, black and brown burnt outside is not accepted.
  • Clean inside all cabins and drawers.
  • Wash the fridge carefully on the inside and wipe it of on the outside. Take it out from its place and clean behind and under.
  • Change all broken light bulbs
  • Don’t leave any personal belongings behind, no bags or boxes, no food.
  • Make sure that the furniture and curtains is in the same order as when you arrived.

If we can mark “approved” on each of the points above on the departure inspection, you will get your deposit back. If not, it is our inspection that is valid and you will not get your deposit back.

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