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General guidelines on guest lodgings


  • Reservation of accommodation is made between desired dates without consideration for calendar month.
  • The reservation has to be made through your supervisor or coordinator.

Arrival and departure

  • Arrival and departure is always on working days. Monday-Friday 10.00-15.00 (exception for holidays).
  • Notice of leaving must be done 30 days before departure.


  • A deposit* of 2000 SEK shall be paid to a specific account two weeks before arrival.

To pay your deposit on the internet with your credit card, go to the Lund University online payment site, and follow the instructions. Choose payment option: Deposit. 


  • The rent is to be paid monthly in advance. The invoice for rent will be sent to your email. 


  • The keys are to be picked up at the information desk at Kemicentrum. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-15.00 (exception for holidays).


  • Before departure the accommodation shall be cleaned by the tenant and the keys returned to the information desk at Kemicentrum at the latest on the last day of reservation.
  • The first following working day after departure the room will be checked. We expect the room to be left in a properly cleaned and orderly status. If the cleaning is approved the deposit will be reimbursed, to the same credit card that it was paid from.

*The deposit is a security that the apartment/room is cleaned when the tenant has left. We don’t do inspections while the tenants are still here, we do it afterwards. If the lodging is left in a proper status, the deposit will be returned to the same account from which it was paid. 

Rent for the apartments

Rent for room at Möllevångsvägen 

  • 15-90 days: 4795 SEK/month
  • 91 days or more: 4615 SEK/month

Rent for apartment on Systervägen

  • 15-90 days: 4965 - 5720 SEK/month depending on the size of the apartment.
  • 91 days or more: 4795 - 5550 SEK/month depending on the size of the apartment.

Rent for family apartment on Möllevångsvägen, 2 room and kitchen

  • 91 days or more: 8765 - 10100 SEK/month depending of the status of the apartment

NOTE! Families with children can only be booked in the family apartments on Möllevångsvägen.

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