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Research at Kemicentrum

World-class research in a creative, innovative and cross-border environment.

At Kemicentrum researchers from a variety of research fields and specializations within chemistry gathers to understand, explain, and improve our world.

Some of our key research areas are food and pharmaceuticals, renewable resources, water and wastewater engineering, materials, environment and energy. The research at Kemicentrum ranges from very basic to applied research. With the cross-border cooperation between different research groups, departments and faculties, and not the least with the industry, Kemicentrum not only contributes to high-quality research and education, but often also to innovations and applications that benefit society.

Kemicentrums location in the heart of the exciting and research intense Öresund region, close to several major research and business parks and industries and the future research facilities MAX IV and ESS just minutes away, provides obvious optimal conditions for development, cooperation and innovation.

Research at Kemicentrum takes place in many different formations and research groups at our three departments. You find a brief summary of each departments research here bellow:

Department of Chemistry
Research for the benifit of a sustainable society. That is our goal and can easily summarize the great width of research at the Department of Chemistry in Lund. The department of chemistry conducts both basic and applied research. Strong focus areas are environmental, renewable resources and health.

Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition
Today's advanced production of food requires considerable knowledge about the chemical and physical processes that interact when producing and storing foods, as well as knowledge about how different component influence the human organism.

The department of  Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition carries out research within most areas from raw material to the effects on the health of the consumers. The research is characterized by an interdisciplinary focus on processing with broad aim of optimizing food products regarding both convenience and quality as perceived by the consumer.

Department of Chemical Engineering

The work carried out at the Department of Chemical Engineering is environmentally based, and directed towards a sustainable society. Research is based on resource-efficient techniques for sustainable development, and is pursued in collaboration with other national and international research groups and companies.

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