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Joint Services

The Board of Joint Services

The Board of Joint Services at Kemicentrum consists of the Head of Joint Services, the three Heads of Departments and representatives for students. 

Martin Hedström
046-222 75 78
Head of joint services

Leif Bülow
046-222 95 94
Head of the Department of Chemistry

Ola Wallberg
046-222 46 41
Department of the Department of Chemical Engineering 

Andreas Håkansson
046-222 68 86
Head of the Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition 

Casper Nisula
Student representative, B & K-sektionerna

Ida Olofsson
Student representative, W-sektionen

Ivar Connheim
Student representative, N-fak

Right to precense

Tommy Ljungdell
046-222 83 38
Building coordinator (Right to presence)

Johan Tejler
046-222 31 11
Environment Health and Safety coordinator (Right to presence)

Camilla Wenngren
046-222 83 52
Communications officer (Right to presence)

Håkan Hansson
046-222 93 05
Acting Head of Administration (Right to precense)

Caroline Lindblom
046-222 81 94
Administrative head of unit (Right to precense)

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