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5.3 Flammable gases

Gas cylinders containing flammable gases MUST NOT be stored in the laboratory.

Exception for gas cylinders of maximum 10 L for temporary use. Pay attention to the EX-zone. No electrical devices in the EX-zone, exception is EX-classified equipment. 

Tempory use means only during a specific day and never over-night or weekends.

Cylinders must be kept in the gas cabinet when not in use. The cabinets must be clearly marked with symbols denoting EX-zone, flammability and gas cylinders.

Acetylene gas cylinders should be equipped with regulators to prevent back flow in the pipes or in the gas cylinder. Pressure in the regulator should not exceed 1.5 bar. Self-testing of the setup, including leak-testing, should be done twice per year and documented. Safeguard should be checked by a qualified person every other year and documented. Fire-proof gloves should be located in the vicinity of the acetylene gas cylinder in case of fire. Acetylene gas has a garlic-like odor.

Hydrogen gas is highly flammable. Hydrogen gas is 15 times lighter than air, odorless and burns with a clear flame. The main risks when working with it are leakage, fire, and explosion. 


Laboratories where compressed gas is used and stored, shall post this sign/pictogram on the door.

Cabinets containing flammable gases must be marked with these labels.

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