8. Waste Handling

Lund University and Kemicentrum strives to make as low impact on the environment as possible and at the same time keep our co-workers safe. By sorting waste in the right way we can do this. To encourage your work, all waste handling is free of charge.

Waste is handled by SYSAV Industri AB and there are some rules to follow for proper disposal collecting:

  • Label the wastes with content and relevant pictograms
  • Prepare goods declaration for transporting infectious waste
  • Fill-in form for removal of chemical waste and low-level radioactive waste
  • Transport the waste to permitted storage or disposal facility
  • Contact SYSAV for pick-up

The necessery forms and more information regarding waste handling (Waste Management Handbook) can be found in the right column and in chapter 8.1-8.7.

Waste management advisor

Per Malmquist at SYSAV Kemi is the waste management advisor for Lund University. Contact him for advice regarding transportation of hazardous waste. See right column.


Per Malmquist
Waste management advisor, Kemiavdelningen SYSAV.


040-635 19 02

Johan Tejler
Arbetsmiljösamordnare, Kemicentrum
046-222 31 11

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