11. Organization

Lund University has a central Safety Committee and 26 main work environment areas, of which Kemicentrum is one.

Kemicentrum comprises the following departments:

Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Food Technology

From the point of view of safety in the working environment, the Department of Chemical Engineering and the divisions within the Departments of Food Technology and Chemistry are separate work environment areas. In the case of Lund Institute of Technology (LTH) teaching premises and a number of laboratories are included in these work environment areas. In the case of the Faculty of Science, teaching premises in building I constitute a separate work environment area (Division for Undergraduate Teaching in Chemistry).

A division is thus normally a work environment area in which the head of division is responsible for the working environment. Each division also has a safety representative, and deputy, who represent the employees and students, and whose task is to exert an influence on working conditions so as to improve the working environment. The employer or head of division is, however, always responsible for the working environment. Each division also has a person responsible for inflammable materials and a fire safety representative.

General aspects concerned with the working environment and the external environment are dealt with by the Committee for Health, Environment and Safety (HMS Committee) for Kemicentrum.

Kemicentrum also has a principal safety officer (and deputy) whose task is to coordinate the work of the safety representatives and to represent them in matters of common interest.

For further information, please refer to:

HMS Committee

Safety representatives

Persons responsible for inflammable materials

Heads of Departments

Leif Bülow
Head of Department, Department of Chemistry
Tel: 072 - 369 39 39

Ola Wallberg 
Head of Department, Department of Chemical Engineering
Tel: 072-744 56 22

Mattias Alveteg
Head of Department, Department of Food Technology
Tel: 070-544 17 26

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