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2021-07-08 All chapters have been updated

2019-09-30 All chapters have been updated

2018-01-31Chapter 10. The list of laws and legislation is updated

2017-10-16Chapter 4.5 Risk assessment form (EXEL sheet) on website is updated

2017-05-16Chapter 8.4 Updated and clarified the information

2017-04-04 Chapter 5. Updated file. Chemical working environment hazards "AFS 2014:43" (Kemiska arbetsmiljörisker)

2016-11-16Chapter 8.1 Markings of waste cans. New labels.

2016-10-03 Chapter 4.3 and 5.6 Handling of acids that produce corrosive gases/fumes. 

2016-06-28Chapter 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 Updated with new routines.

2016-06-17 Chapter 5.2 Use only tap water cooling instead of pump circulated cooling during reflux boiling of flammable solvents.

2016-04-22 Chapter 8.1 and 8.2 and 8.6 Waste handling. Updated and clarified the information.

2016-04-15Chapter 5.2 Added picture depicting the EX-zone

2016-03-03Chapter 6.5 New routines regarding reporting

2015-12-02Chapter 7.1 Added information regarding hazard classes.

2015-09-11Chapter 9.3 and 9.4 Updated information regarding emergency evacuation and fire drills.

2015-06-22Chapter 5.2 Added information regarding handling of flammables and EX-zones.

2015-03-23Chapter 5. Added information regarding MSDS.

2015-03-18Chapter 4.3 Added rule for electrical equipment in fume hoods.

2015-03-10Chapter 6.5. Updated with new information and links.

2015-02-02Chapter 5 and Chapter 7 Updated warning signs according to new legeslation.

2014-12-12 Chapter 5.3 Changed to max 10 l. "Cylinders of maximum 10 l may, however, be handled in the laboratory, though they should still be kept in a gas cabinet when not in use."

2014-10-21:Chapter 6. Added more information regarding the locations of defibrillators. Click on map to see photo of location.

2014-08-25:Chapter 5. Added information regarding cleaning of vessels: "Vessels used for chemicals that are hazardous to the environment should be sanitized before regular cleaning. The hazardous substance should be removed during the sanitation to prevent that the substance enters the waste water system."

2014-05-14: Chapter 6. Added video instruction for usage of defibrillator.  

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