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There are approximatly 1200 people working at Kemicentrum. To contact someone working here, the easiest way is to search for the persons name in the "search area" to the right or visit the departments websites.

Here below you find the contact information to some of Kemicentrums key persons and administrative staff.

Head of the departments

Head of the Department of Chemistry
Leif Bülow
Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition 
Mattias Alveteg
046-222 36 27
Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering
Ola Wallberg
046-222 46 41

Library and Informationdesk at Kemicentrum

The information desk is located in the library at Kemicentrum. 

Phone: 046-222 94 23

For information about openings hours you can visit the Library of Science website. 

Library of Science website

Joint services

Head of Joint Sevices at Kemicentrum (husprefekt)
Martin Hedström
046-222 75 78

All service functions such as maintenance, floor area, cleaning, safety issues, etc are common for all personnel and students at Kemicentrum and are supervised by the Joint Services.


Kemicentrum have a joined administration. Below you find contact information to the administration at Kemicentrum.

Håkan Hansson

Head of Administration
Håkan Hansson
046-222 93 05

Caroline Lindblom

Administrative head of unit
Caroline Lindblom

Responsible for the guest lodgings of Kemicentrum and caretaker's office. 

Danne Svensson

Danne Svensson

046-222 83 55

Mikael Ahlgren

046-222 87 41

Jeppe Nielsen

Jeppe Nielsen

046-222 80 34

Yvonne Flink

Department administrator 

Johan Tejler

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Coordinator 
Johan Tejler 
046-222 31 11

Tommy Ljungdell

Building coordinator
Tommy Ljungdell
046-222 83 38

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