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3. Introduction

The safety instructions, compiled on this website, apply to Kemicentrum and are applicable to all departments and/or divisions. For a more detailed instruction, readers are referred to the individual departments and/or divisions. These departments and/or divisions are when deemed necessary, instructed to compile specific safety instructions regarding its own particular field of expertise.  

Literature concerning safety issues of relevance to chemical laboratory work is located on an allocated shelf in the library for Kemicentrum, and should, if necessary, also be available in the divisional libraries. 

The Work Environment Act (Arbetsmiljölagen) is applicable to both instructional and research labs within the academic facility. These safety instructions have been issued in accordance with the general provisions of this act. The aim of these instructions is to minimize the risk of illness and accidents linked to laboratory work. 

Each person who is working at Kemicentrum shall:

carefully study and follow both the general instructions found on this website (, and the relevant special instructions for each department/division.

be aware of who is responsible for the working environment within Kemicentrum´s different divisions.

know who is local safety representative (skyddsombud)

know who is responsible for inflammable materials (föreståndare för brandfarlig vara)

Information concerning this must be available in all departments/divisions.

Signing the Affirmation

According to the central policy for work environment at Lund University it shall be verified that the employee / student have understood the safety instructions and affirms compliance. 

Upon reading and understanding Kemicentrum´s General Safety Instructions sign the affirmation document.

Click here for the document. Print it out and sign it. Leave the document to your local administrator. The document should be filed at your division.