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1. General Safety Regulations

Our mission at Kemicentrum is promoting a safe, healthful and accessible environment. This web-based safety handbook provides information about our safety, health, and environmental policies and procedures, and is intended for all students, employees, full time and part time, regular and temporary, and all other employment categories.  

Emergency telephone numbers

If you are calling from an internal phone dial 0 in order to secure an external line  

SOS Alarm (Ambulance / Police / Fire department)112
Security (Securitas jour help desk)046 - 222 07 00
Maintenance (Akademiska Hus jour)046 - 31 13 10
Head of Administration and Joint Services046 - 222 83 33

In case of emergency

  1. Rescue injured individuals.
  2. Contact ambulance/fire department/police. Always meet the emergency vehicles in order to give them more information and directions.
  3. During office hours, Contact Jörgen Nilsson 046-222 83 33. If you are unable to reach Jörgen Nilsson, contact Environment Health and Safety coordinator Anikó Wendler 046-222 31 11.

    During non office hours contact Securitas 046-222 07 00.

If you summon an ambulance, the fire department or the police: 
Inform the Information desk at Kemicentrum by phone 046-222 83 49 of the entrance to which the emergency personnel has been directed.

If you summon Securitas during non office hours follow this checklist: 

  1. Assess if the local area have to be evacuated.
  2. Contact the Head of the division or the Head of Department.
  3. Assess if a contact to the house maintenance (Akademiska Hus) is needed.
  4. Communicate information locally.

If the alarm goes off in your department, shut down any equipment, shut the doors, leave the building (don´t use the elevator) and go to the nearest reassembly point. Make sure you know where that is.

Emergency telephone numbers


(House Security)
Tel: 046 - 222 07 00

Akademiska hus Jour 
Tel: 046 - 31 13 10

Jörgen Nilsson 
Head of Administration and Joint Services
Tel: 070 - 366 55 38 

Leif Bülow
Head of Department, Department of Chemistry
Tel: 072 - 369 39 39

Mattias Alveteg
Head of Department, Department of Chemical Engineering
Tel: 070 - 544 17 26

Yvonne Granfeldt
Head of Department, Department of Food Technology
Tel: 070 - 569 33 75